Safety Coordinator

Posted: Sep 08, 2017

Ruby-Collins, Inc., a general contractor specializing in construction of water/wastewater plants, piping and ancillary structures, based in Smyrna, GA, is seeking a Safety Coordinator to assist the Safety Director with enforcing requirements of the Corporate Safety and Loss Control Program.

Initial work assignment will include weekly site evaluations of Work underway in Georgia and the Carolinas. Future assignment may include working as the site safety coordinator for a project in South Carolina.

Minimal qualifications for this position include a) five or more years experience in “heavy” construction (e.g., highway, bridge, underground utilities), b) graduation from high school, c) strong oral and written communication skills, and d) thorough knowledge of OSHA construction safety standards.

Desired qualifications include a) being bi-lingual (Spanish/English),  b) professional certification (e.g., CHST) and c) prior experience as a safety specialist for a U.S. Corps of Engineers (EM 385) project.

Resumes should be sent to