President’s Message – November 2015

Posted: Jun 03, 2016

Due to members like you, our ASSE Georgia Chapter serves our community in a variety of ways. For many years we have been an active participant in the Georgia Youth Alliance. This OSHA Cooperative Program has been transformed into the OSHA Sustainable Workforce Alliance. This new alliance will continue to provide resources for the protecting the health and safety of youth workers.

As President I had the honor to sign the new agreement on behalf of our chapter. I would like to thank Stacey Kruse for being such a great ambassador on our behalf. Also, thanks to the board members for their enthusiastic support for this alliance. And thanks to those chapter members that have volunteered in the past (and future) activities.

Interested in being more involved? Consider being a volunteer at the Annual CareerExpo & SkillsUSA Event on March 17 &18 next spring. As a past volunteer, I think you will have a very rewarding experience.